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The Crooked Garden
            Look what's new with the Butterfly Garden


Here is a short video update from October 6, 2011.
The Koi pond cascading water features been upgraded. Come check it out.
The weather is nice now, and it is a wonderful time to visit the garden at dust, and
sit on the porch swings in the pergola, or walk around and enjoy the LED lights that are placed throughout the garden. 


Here is a short video update of the Crooked Little Koi Pond.
I guess that when three of us feed the koi every day, one should
expect some rapid growth. Did I mention that they eat like starving dogs
every time they are fed? Friend (and #1 deadhead), Judy calls then "little piggies",
and rightly so.


Three new benches in the butterfly garden. Two overlooking the Koi pond,
and one out under the shade of the Strangler Fig tree at the garden entrance.
The occupied bench (in the photo) is SPONSORED. The other two need a sponsor.
Contact the Crooked Garden Curator to sponsor one of the remaining two benches in the garden.

OMG! Just looked at a video that was made of these guys in January, and
they are PIGS now. Guess we better cut their feeding down to 2-3 times a day.






A wine and cheese reception was held on April 28th to introduce enhancements to our newest feature.
The Crooked Garden's entrance, paths, and pergola are now "night lighted" for residents evening enjoyment.
During the day, solar panels charge deep cycle batteries that light the low voltage LED lights in the garden.
The lights come on at dust, and go off four hours later.

Reception photographs. See anyone you know? Tell them you saw them on the Crooked Garden website.











March 2011 Video update, and a reveal of what to expect in April 2011:

Here is an update on the Crooked Garden's Crooked Little Pond,
in the butterfly garden at Pelican Preserve, in Fort Myers, Florida.

The Crooked Garden's Crooked Little Koi Pond


 Along with a lot of new flowers for the butterflies, There's a new water feature in the Crooked Garden:




Here are some pictures of the construction.

The 18 " deep Crooked Little Pond is lined with a 49mil rubber liner, and coral rocks that were dug up when creating
the lakes in Pelican Preserve, line the pond and water fall. The water cascading down the little water fall is pumped
from the connecting lakes in Pelican Preserve. The bottom left photo is the weir that controls the water level in the pond,
and as water runs over the top of the weir, it flows back into the lake system through that three inch wide diameter white pvc pipe.

Special recognition to Pelican Preserve Landscape Supervisor, Robert Cranor, and his crew for digging the pond, running the water line,
and especially, collecting the rock and placing them around the pond.

Special Thank you goes to Dr. Ric Black, for his engineering design of the water feature, and Special Thank you to:
Nate & Sue Jensen
Dave Waters
Al Murator

For helping the curator design and build the Crooked Little Pond cascading water feature.

This very friendly newly emerged Gulf Fritillary butterfly was discovered
while the curator was taking these Crooked Little Pond photos. 


The Fort Myers area Green Thumb Garden Club takes a Crooked Garden tour on October 19, 2010.

Their were plenty of butterflies and caterpillars to entertain our guests during our tour on this
beautiful October morning in Pelican Preserve.

After their tour, the Green Thumb Garden Club conducted their business meeting, and enjoyed
their picnic lunch under the shade of the giant oak trees in our nature preserve's picnic area.
The Green Thumb Garden Club's generous donation will allow us to purchase more butterfly plants
for the Crooked Garden.
The ladies of the Green Thumb Garden Club were wonderful guests, and curator Jim Price (far left),
and head "plant stylist", Judy Weil (far right) invited them to return again when they had more time
to enjoy the butterfly garden.


Butterflies, Birds, and Wildflowers of Southwest Florida
Three different laminated, water proof, two sided folding field guides that are designed to be carried while enjoying nature in and around the Fort Myers area.
These are the new "Thank You Gifts" that you can receive when you contribute to the "Crooked Garden" this year.

      (Promotion brochure available at the Crooked Garden entrance kiosk)

Below are samples of the three different Field Guides that you can receive.
(These beautiful full color laminated photo guides measure 9" x 4" when closed, and 9" x 24 " when fully opened)


Contact the Crooked Garden Curator to make a donation, or to find out more.

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