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The Crooked Garden
Contributors of TIME and Talent: The Crooked Garden Crew

The Crooked Garden Crew 2017-2018

Our Garden Crew are frequently in the Crooked Garden planting new plants,
pulling weeds, and clipping off the heads of old blooms (dead heads), so that they will be able to produce new blooms more readily (and look more beautiful in the process).

When you see our volunteers in the garden, be sure to thank them for their hard work and dedication.


Jim Johnson









A very SPECIAL thank you goes to Mr. Jim Johnson, our wonderful Butterfly Garden Carpenter.
Jim is retired from the Illinois Telephone Company after 29 years of dedicated service. His hobbies are golf, woodworking, and working in the garden.
Jim personally financed and built our wonderful information kiosk to provide the much needed garden message center. With money donated from his friends and neighbors who wanted to be a part of our beautiful project, he designed and built the little faux garden bridge, the majestic arbor for one of the Passion Vines,
and the beautiful three section Pergola at the back of the garden, complete with swings and convertible bench/tables.

Entrance Arbor Carpenters
In first photo: (L-R) Nate Jensen Steve Pinsky, Larry Hatch, Jim Bohn, Jim Price
The "expert woodworking team" of Pelican Preserve residents building the Crooked Garden Entrance arbor in Jan. 2008

Crooked Garden Pavers Crew
Gordon Armstrong, Nate Jensen, Jim Price, and Carol Armstrong
worked in the 7:00PM to 8:30PM Florida Summer evening heat (only slightly more bearable than the daytime heat)
hauling dirt, sand, and brick pavers in order to give our garden entrance even more character!

Crooked Garden Curator
James (Jim) Price
James Price is the Butterfly Garden Curator. If you are  unsure of the responsibilities of a "Garden Curator", then simply stated, he is the guy who gets everyone to do the work that "makes things happen and have it all come together", and then gets to listen to all the wonderful compliments for doing such a beautiful job on the garden.
James (Jim to his friends) retired from a 28 year sales and marketing career with the pharmaceutical products division of the international health care company, Abbott Laboratories.
He has been in training, and teaching the art of USA Goju Karate for over 30 years, and is a Black Belt with a Masters Degree in that art. "Sensei Jim" teaches Karate/Self Defense classes at Pelican Preserve. 
He loves Golfing, Tennis, nature photography, and building and maintaining his karate and butterfly garden websites. His latest passion is helping to make the Crooked Garden one of the most spectacular butterfly gardens in Florida.









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