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Then and Now...The metamorphosis of a butterfly garden

  March 17,  2008

Recently found B&W photograph of the Crooked Garden location taken on August 3, 2006
by Fred Setterlund with Pelican Preserve Property Managment.

Those large rocks in the center of the B&W photograph on the left, are where our picnic tables are now located.

February 15, 2008
The photo above is the current view as you come over the final wooden bridge of the perimeter path heading for the town center.

November 18, 2006                                                                         May 29, 2008         

This first photo was taken on November 18, 2006 just after the Butterfly Garden path was built.
The photo on the right was taken on December 15, 2007.

November 18, 2006                                             January 2, 2008   

March 16, 2008

The crooked path up to the "Scenic Overlook" had not been conceived in this first photograph taken
just after the original path was designed an constructed by our WCI Landscape Supervisor, Robert Cranor. 
Now it is difficult to view the entire crooked path around the garden, and even more difficult to imagine
this beautiful garden without our whimsical "Scenic Overlook".               

These photos was taken on March 16, 2008

Plant contributions didn't begin until about March of 2007, so in just one year, this undeveloped area of land has turned into a butterfly garden paradise.
With the creative ideas (and skilled carpentry) of some interested residents, the addition of attractive "Hardscape" elements were added to the garden. This included a little foot bridge, picnic benches by the lake, a vine covered trellis (with a bench inside), and a huge pergola with nostalgic wooden porch swings.
Also included within the pergola, are wooden benches that easily convert to picnic tables. Add this to the fantastic display of butterfly nectar and host plants, and the creation of an actual destination was formed. A wonderful new destination for intimate picnics and parties,
or just "hanging out" to enjoy the natural beauty of Pelican Preserve.

June 10, 2007                                                             December 15, 2007

Or Crooked Garden is a wonderful destination for relaxation AND education.
(photo's left to right) Just before their "Garden Brunch" at the picnic tables near the lake,
Pelican Preserve resident Jayne Shaffer locates a Black Swallowtail caterpillar
for her visiting 4 year old grandson, Arrison Vigness.
Pelican Preserve resident Tom Jones along with his son-in-law, Chris Staton
and 3 year old granddaughter, Emmi, enjoy the Crooked Garden during the 2007 Thanksgiving holidays.

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