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  October 9, 2017  - 12:40 P.M.

The CROOKED GARDEN is CLOSED for repairs.
Our butterfly Garden suffered a lot of damage from Hurricane Irma, and we had to close the garden temporarily while we work at getting it back together.
Our garden crew has been working hard at repairing and cleaning up the damage. Because there is so much work do, we can certainly use your help over the next couple of weeks so that we can reach our goal of reopening the Crooked Garden on October 26th.

 Our Crew works in the garden on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8 to 10.  If you are a resident of Pelican Preserve, please join us at that time if you can. You don't have to be a "gardener" to help out, just be willing to get a little dirty and sweaty for the sake of repairing our Crooked Garden.  Even donating just an hour or two, can make a big difference in getting our garden back in shape. If you have a pair of garden gloves or clippers, please bring them along. If not, we will have some that you can borrow.

Check out the new Crooked Garden Crew and the list of contributors who have made this garden the "Treasure of Pelican Preserve"!

Welcome to The Crooked Garden
This beautiful garden is made possible by the generous contributions of our Pelican Preserve residents.

Noted Butterfly expert, Robert Michael Pyle, Ph.D.
"And the kind dentist, Dr Alan Rembos [of Naples, Florida], tipped me off
to the Crooked Garden in Pelican Preserve, Fort Myers --
one of the best [butterfly gardens] I've ever seen.
Amid oceans of nectar and a flurry of butterflies,
I saw 12 species, including queens, zebras, and orange-barred sulphurs
the size of small birds."

Read more about our famous CROOKED GARDEN VISITOR:
Noted lepidopterist and prolific writer, Robert M. Pyle, Ph.D.





"There is a crooked garden with crooked little paths,
And crooked little caterpillars crawling through the grass.
There are crooked little butterflies enjoying garden treats,
 and all these wonders here to view, from our crooked garden seats."

James Price,  Garden Curator








Where is this Crooked Garden?
This private butterfly garden is located in
Pelican Preserve, a 55 and better community
in the city of Fort Myers, Florida 33913


We hope that you enjoy our Crooked Garden website, and that you take the time to navigate these pages to learn
about our butterflies and the plants that they use for food and reproduction.
Please take the time to visit the Financial Contributors, and the Contributors of Time and Talent pages too,
because these people are the reason that we have what many are calling, "The Treasure" of Pelican Preserve.

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This website was created in April 2007, six months after beginning to build the Crooked Garden.