The Crooked Garden Butterfly Guide
This laminated butterfly guide is available to visitors in the Crooked Garden.
They pick up the guide at the entrance kiosk for butterfly identification while in the garden,
 and then return it to it's holder when they leave.

The 8½ X 11 brochure has the photos and names of The Butterflies of Lee County
(Fort Myers is in Lee County, Florida).
If you would like to create your own copy of this Butterflies of Lee County photo brochure,
simple save the JPEG image to your computer, and print it on 8½ x 11 glossy photo paper.

(The Crooked Garden is grateful to amateur lepidopterist, Nick Bodven, for the use of these brochures in our garden.)

(Brochure Photos and art work by Nick Bodven ©2007)