Bobcat photographed in the Crooked Garden

The month of June proved pretty exciting when we discovered that one of our garden “critter cams” captured some pretty clear “daytime” photos of the bobcat that had been spotted running around the Pelican Preserve community. Generally the critter cam infrared lens photographs the nocturnal raccoons running around the garden, and there a lot of raccoons too. but we also get lucky and get infrared photos of the Florida panther(s) that make their occasional nocturnal visit in the garden. We never get so lucky as to get daytime color photos like the ones that captured the bobcat.

The other daytime critter that we photographed in June, was a good sized turtle who visited the garden from the nearby “Crooked Little Pond”. Apparently, even critters like to check out the plants and butterflies too.

We are planning on relocating one of our cameras to a very low level vantage point, where we believe these “critters” are accessing the garden. BTW, one little disadvantage of a low level camera is the curiosity of little two legged munchkins who are visiting their grandparents, but we can tolerate the occasion curious munchkin if we can get some good critter photographs too.

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  1. Looks like your garden is a popular hangout for creatures these days!

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